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When I walked into the apple garden yesterday evening, my face fell.

There was a family having a picnic and listening to music. On a loud speaker. On a very powerful loud speaker.
One song again, and again, and again.
My face fell, because they were right next to the birch, on which a nightingale was singing every evening before. And I was so much looking forward to listening to that nightingale.

You see, it is my moment just before clients arrive, my 5 minutes of enjoying the beauty that surrounds us these days. Not every spring in Finland is as breathtaking as the spring of 2016. I see it mostly through a lens. And as strange as it sounds, it means I don’t get to actually live it. There is a huge difference, at least for me, between living a moment and documenting a moment.

You know what I am talking about, right?

That’s why I felt so down when loud music silenced my nightingale.

But only shortly. Then the families started arriving and I can’t feel down when photographing. In fact, I feel nothing bad, no hunger or pain, thirst or tiredness. All my antennas are tuned into the subject and the light and nothing else matters.

We started the session. And as it happens to me when I am happy behind the camera, I started humming. Completely out of tune, obviously, thank you for bringing that up. 🙂

I have this song stuck in my head, you see. A song that I listen to every time I drive a car. I listen to it so often, it turned into my new time measuring jednotka.
I drive 3 songs to the apple garden, 7 songs to the cherry park, 6 songs to the city centre.

It’s an audition from Britain’s Got Talent. I don’t follow BTG, other than the initial auditions – and only the good ones (you know, the ones that are longer than 6 minutes on YouTube).

Listen. And watch. How a young lady can make the hearts of thousands sign with joy.

Happy Monday to you, lovelies. Don’t forget to hug the sad and lonely. ♥♥♥

Picture time! This is a couple that makes me feel as happy, warm and positive as a nightingale song or Yasmine’s audition. Just watching them is a gift. And the interaction is priceless. They are witty and loving and smart and have emotional reserve the size of Atlantic Ocean. I love being around them.

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Harry S. Truman said: “There are always people afraid of rocking the boat so much that they will stop rowing. We can never get ahead that way.”

Keep rocking, M+M. ♥♥♥

Niki Strbian perhekuvaus

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