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I’ve always fought an inner battle between the need to create glamorous posed polished images and the need to document the wild beauty of freely given love. Until Jesh de Rox, Julianna Wiklund and now Minna Burges entered my life and I realized I can merge those concepts into one image if I want to.

Jesh de Rox is the founder and creator of Beloved Collective and Moment Design. Julianna is the founder and creator of Playful Heart and Minna Burgess is the founder and creator of Possible.First Moments

Niki Strbian perhevalokuvaus

These are all ways of working in a portrait session (couple, family and newborn respectively) so that you can all experience and witness the love that is hidden within the clients’ hearts. But most of all it’s a way to work with yourself.

After years of using Beloved Field Guide (the tool of Moment Design), during summer I will become a certified Beloved Photographer. It’s been 2 years since my visit in Sweden where I learned about Playful Heart and I am becoming a certified Playful Heart Teacher this autumn. And on 15th of June I am flying to Sweden once more to meet with Minna and learn all the wonders of Possible.First Moments, which I feel is such a natural extension of what I’m already doing.

Niki Strbian perhe valokuvaus

I love using these methods. They made my life and work infinitely easier, they made my clients happier and they made my images so much more meaningful.

Sometimes even with the best tools, the creative process feels like hard work. Mind you, not the part where I work with the clients, but the part of my work seconds before I click the shutter. The part where I need to create a vision in my head and then transform it to an image by using my voice, emotions and camera.

Niki Strbian perhe valokuvaaja

And sometimes it feels like someone gave me wings and I was a natural at flying. (which I am not)

This session was like that. Easy, fun and very emotional. It felt more like the images were crawling into my camera instead of me creating them. I just had to be in the right spot and aim the camera in the right direction … and catch the portraits – just like that small girl caught butterflies with a butterfly net on an illustration from a very old book.

These two very lovely and very loving people have true playful hearts.


Niki Strbian perhekuvaus-4 Niki Strbian perhekuvaus-5 Niki Strbian perhekuvaus-6 Niki Strbian perhekuvaus-7 Niki Strbian perhekuvaus-8 Niki Strbian perhekuvaus-9 Niki Strbian perhekuvaus-11 Niki Strbian perhekuvaus-13 Niki Strbian perhekuvaus-14 Niki Strbian perhekuvaus-15 Niki Strbian perhekuvaus-16 Niki Strbian perhekuvaus-17 Niki Strbian perhekuvaus-18 Niki Strbian perhekuvaus-19 Niki Strbian perhekuvaus-22 perhekuvaus Pihlajasaari

PS: These images were taken exactly a year ago. Remember how cold and horrible May/June 2015 were? On the upside – Pihlajasaari was deserted. 😉

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