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About my biggest fear when photographing newborns|vauvakuvaus

Niki Strbian vastasyntyneen kuvaus vauvakuvaus

I am not worried that a baby won’t sleep.

I am not worried that an older sibling won’t cooperate.

That dad won’t look representative enough.

That a house won’t look representative enough.

That I won’t get cute pictures.

That mum will look tired and won’t like her images.

That a baby will pee or poo on my props.

Or my camera.

Or the oriental carpet.

I am not even worried that I’d slip when holding the baby (though it does for an occasional epic nightmare).

I am only worried that one day I will be too old and won’t be able to do this awesome job.


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Niki Strbian vastasyntyneen kuvaus vauvakuvausniki-strbian-vauvakuvaus-6All babies eventually get tired, all older siblings are loving, each in their own way, all dads think their babies are cute and that makes them cute and awesome in pictures, all mums have the hormone boost against tiredness and for the real bad dark circles there is actual and digital makeup, a washing machine handles the pee/poo shituations and I am extremely careful with babies. Always. And my camera. Most of the time. 😉


vastasyntyneen kuvaus by Niki Strbian

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