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Every time a family with small children books a photoshoot with me, I can’t wait. I can’t wait to meet them and play with them, it fills my heart with joy. However the one thing I always await the most is to capture how they love each other.

Because parenting is mainly a struggle. Or so it registers in our mentally exhausted, physically spent, stressed out, battlewiththelittledevils worn selves.

Parenting is obviously not mainly a struggle. As with everything else the Gaussian distribution applies. We are mostly just being parents and short peak times being totally over-the-moon or totally pissed off.

I think it’s ok to admit we are occasionally pissed off with our kids.

I am.


My two beloved angels who occasionally help me understand the true meaning of the phrase “blind with white anger”.


Such moments and the connected guilt easily overpower the good ones and so we forget that the lil ones just as much help us understand the phrase “heart melting with joy”.

That’s why I love capturing those heart-warming moments filled with love. As a counter-weight, as a physical evidence that the childhood you are creating for your children is actually awesome and they will remember it fondly because they will see in the images that you played, laughed, done silly faces, and loved them with all your heart.

Not that this family would need such evidence. Every time I meet them, I admire just how amazing they are together. A strong perfect love unit. ♥♥♥
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