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How I didn’t quit blogging

“And you quit blogging as well, didnt you,” said my friend in our conversation yesterday.

This followed after this half a question half a statement.

Panic switch ON.

In my head:
“Is that how it looks like?”

Pause for thought. (Trying to learn, people, trying to learn to think before I speak.)

“Nope! I just have been so busy!”

In my head:
“Did I subconsciously quit my blog and just haven’t realized it? Did I?”

I see where she’s coming from and if you have the same feeling, well, I have been busy.

Last year, everything seemed fine on the outside and inside I was a broken wreck, this year I am a stoic piece of solid rock and around me everything breaks.

Let’s have a look at it.
It started on my birthday (should have realized it was a sign).
My camera and lens broke when they decided to take a walk ahead of me from the church steps in a wedding shoot.

I just get these fixed, it won’t take much time, I thought and proceeded to switch my company from Tmi to Oy. Sounds like nothing, but it is a lot of buerocratic fun.

And then.

My other camera and other lens broke when I picked up a client’s kid from a wet rock in slippery shoes.

Another lens just sympathy-broke, because the blokes in JAS tekniikka are so nice and she wanted to pay them a visit.

My computer broke.

My phone broke.

My car broke.

My husband broke (all ligaments in his ankle) and has been unable to do anything for weeks and is still injured.

That was few days after we got a puppy.

Naturally, we have had a putkiremontti going on at the same time. Guess who moved our household to a rental apartment while walking a puppy, taking care of everything home related and still asking hubby “Does it hurt, hun?”

While living in a rental home, someone broke into our old apartment building (and our cellar) AND later that week someone broke into our new apartment building.

True, a gymnast could perform a whole routine hanging on the circles under my eyes, but I have not broken yet. Every morning I wake up worried if the day has finally come when I, too, will break. I take a moment to feel that place behind my chest bone where a dark matter lived last year. But there is nothing.

Somehow, in the midst of this shit storm, I am standing, overlooking battle fields, armed with family, friends and a truck-load of chocolate.

Bring it on, baby!


It’s Monday and it’s picture time! I was priviledged to meet with this wonderful family  already a third time, they booked a baby plan (belly, newborn and 1 year old shoot). So when their little prince turned one and started standing and taking steps on his own, I was there. We had the most amazing time!

Outdoor images shot with Nikkor 200/2.0, rented from



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