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Indoor Xmas minisessions are here – Joulukorttikuvaus

Niki Strbian Susanna Nordvall joulukorttikuvaus 2016

Popular by demand the Xmas/New Year minisessions are happening this year.

Yep! And they will be epic, my friends, I am not even afraid to say LEGENDARY.

Because this year I paired up with my good friend and talented colleague Susanna Nordvall of Susanna Nordvall Photography and we are doing the minis together.

It really is like Joulupukki arrives on

November 26-27

Niki Strbian Susanna Nordvall joulukorttikuvaus 2016

Image by Susanna Nordvall

10 or 20 min minisessions starting at 250€ with 5 digital images and 20 Xmas cards.

You can choose from up to 3 different settings styled by the amazingly creative Hey Look.

Additional cards, canvases, prints and digital files are available for purchase.

The number of sessions is limited. Grab yours here.

(If you don’t see any form below, refresh your page. If that fails, get in touch.)

You will get a confirmation shortly and we send you the mood boards and beautiful stuff we are planning for you. 🙂

And here on pic to get you into a proper winter holiday mood.


Niki Strbian Susanna Nordvall joulukorttikuvaus 2016

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