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This is a love letter to a wonderful friend, and crazy-amazing-skilled nature, landscape and event photographer Mikael Rantalainen.

I met Mikael in Kameraseura International Evening meeting. In the passing years the spring in my step have somewhat phased out, but Mikael looks exactly the same as the day we met.

A tall gentleman with a pleasant voice, kind eyes and an easy smile, who reigns the room artistically wrapped in a shawl that just about hides his engineering soul.

Mikael Rantalainen by Niki Strbian Mikael Rantalainen by Niki Strbian

This is exactly what his images are like as well. Technically perfect, artistically innovative and despite their often cold themes unfailingly warming your heart.

Mikael Rantalainen portfolio

Images in the collage – small example of the magic from Mikael’s website. All credit and copyright Mikael Rantalainen.

I admire Mikael for a lot of things. However I admire him especially for his patience (craziness) to wait for the right light in -30 degrees, for his knowledge of nature and weather, and for his very kind and professional approach to nature photography courses.

Imagine then how flattered (and nervous) I was when Mikael asked me to create his portraits for an article about him in Luontokuva magazine.

Mikael Rantalainen by Niki for Luontokuva

Let me tell you how two photographers work together. Surprisingly, it isn’t much different from my normal client work. Except for constant photography chatter and except for me being acutely aware of his awe-inspiring skills behind camera. Talk about pressure!

My phone rang a couple of days before we were supposed to meet. His “Hi Niki,” sounded like a combination of nails scratching a blackboard and a 243-years old guy who spent 240 years drinking. “You sound a bit sick,” I inquired. “Yes, but we can still take pictures,” was his brave answer. “I don’t think so, honey,” I acted like a true mother.

I am so glad we did postpone, as the day we ended up shooting in Mikael’s home office called Lauttasaari was splendid. Sunny, warm and inviting. We cruised the island a bit and after about 1 hour of me pretending I am not a nervous-wreck at all, we parted our ways. Mikael continued to meet his photography students and I went home to a nice cup of tea.

Thank you, Mikael, for your trust, I adore your work and feel so honored to have been asked. xoxox

Mikael Rantalainen by Niki Strbian Mikael Rantalainen by Niki Strbian


Become Mikael’s fan – just like me – here is his facebook, instagram and websites nature and landscape, events. You can also adorn your home or car with prints of his breathtaking images.


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