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10 things I am personally doing to enhance global warming

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I have not been blogging for a while, but there is this shitty weather outside and other than editing nothing for me to do. My clients are postponing their “spring” sessions left and right and no wonder, who wants to be out smiling in the hail storm.

But I am not the sit-around-and-complain type of girl, so here are 10 things that I personally do to enhance global warming, because hey, Finland is no La La Land when it’s like this ALL THE TIME.

Despite that fact that I do everything they say you should NOT if you want to stop global warming.

  • I sometimes forget my reusable shopping bag and take the plastic one from a shop because I am lazy to go back to the car.
  • My diesel car, which I drive mostly alone, pushing the break and gas pedal liberally.
  • I only took a bus once in the last 5 years, when my car was in cleaning and I ran 5km home with my dog only to find out that I forgot my apartment keys in the car.
  • I heat my home during day as well, because I work from my home and refuse to freeze my ass.
  • Especially when after the recent putkiremontti there is a draft in our apartment building so bad, you can’t hear an action movie over the wheezing.
  • Too bad that the central heating is slow to react to the actually weather, always about 3 days in delay. So we heat up, we open the windows and repeat.
  • I still take a hot water shower.
  • I eat red meat.
  • I bought the strongest light bulbs and need the light during the winter, but as an afterthought, don’t use them at all during summer.
  • I mess all the sorted trash stuff, especially the new plastic trash sorting.

What’s a girl to do more? 😉

(There was actually one extra, care to find it?)

And despite all my noble efforts, Finland is not, I repeat not, getting warmer. So how global is the global warming really… (check out personal ways you can stop/enhance global warming).

At the moment it looks like someone up there pressed PAUSE and is enjoying, sadistically, I may add, the sight of me going to check the same snowdrop (lumikello) for three weeks. Not the same bunch of them, the EXACT same little flower. Ah well…

But nature is secretly getting ready for better weather, should it arrive in 2017.

And I am getting ready for the cherry blossoms and apple blossoms and green grass and birch pollen once it arrives. If it arrives …

Meanwhile spending time with babies and babies and babes and babies. Enjoying myself tremendously.

I hope you do, too. And if the horror outside feels a little overwhelming – watch a movie. Bake a cake. Invite a friend over for dinner. Plan a party. Help an old neighbour. Speak with a stranger about nothing in a cafe for 5 minutes. Live a little and stop bitching about the weather. Here’s the the new strong us!


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PS: It’s not 1st of April, so you’ll never know.

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