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Ylioppilas kuvaus by Niki Strbian for class 2017 in Roihuvuoren kirsikkapuisto

Yesterday was an important day in Finland’s calendar, when the end of the school year celebrations were held everywhere. The cold biting wind competed with warm rays of sunshine, but hardly anyone noticed in all the excitment of finally wearing a summer dress and pretty shoes and quickly, my hair isn’t perfect, lipgloss is missing and out of the house to the school to celebrate the beautiful cooperation between the teachers and parents and children joined in an effort to raise the next generation of sensible human beings. And the biggest of these celebrations is the white hat ceremony, the ylioppilas laki ceremony, the end of high school ceremony.

ylioppilas 2017 in Roihuvuoren kirsikkapuisto

I love photographing these young women and men, it feels like I am literary photographing the future of Finland. And that’s mainly what is on everyone’s mind, that these young people are the future. Future lawyers, nurses, social workers, doctors, small business owners, big business owners, managers, shift leaders, actors, pilots, movie directors, and perhaps photographers. 😉

ylioppilas 2017 in Roihuvuoren kirsikkapuisto

However there are few people with a champange glass in hands that are thinking about the past more than the future and specifically about how it is possible that time flies so fast and where is that baby they were holding in their arms … was it just yesterday? Moms, dads and grandparents.

perhekuvaus in Roihuvuoren kirsikkapuisto

If I had kids that received the white hat yesterday, this is what I would like to tell them:
Darling, your big day is over, we’re back to normal now and there are a few things to remember:

  • the next years before marriage and babies are the ONLY truly free years of your life – use them well
  • you’re about to find out how you handle real responsibilities – do it with grace
  • every time you feel lost listen to Neil Gaiman’s speech Make Good Art
  • and most of all remember who worked so hard to help you get where you are – remember that always.

perhekuvaus in Roihuvuoren kirsikkapuisto

Happy first day of adulthood, class of 2017!

perhekuvaus in Roihuvuoren kirsikkapuisto Roihuvuoren kirsikkapuisto sisaruskuvaus in Roihuvuoren kirsikkapuisto Ylioppilas kuvaus by Niki Strbian for class 2017 in Roihuvuoren kirsikkapuisto Ylioppilas kuvaus by Niki Strbian for class 2017 in Roihuvuoren kirsikkapuisto perhekuvaus ylioppilas laki in Roihuvuoren kirsikkapuisto

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