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About Niki & Photography

I am Niki, a newborn and family portrait photographer.

You remember when everybody used to have a family doctor? That’s what I mean when I say a family photographer.

A photographer, who will be there for all the big or small moments, throughout your life. Someone you will trust and enjoy having around. Someone your children will remember and look forward to.

I love creating portraits ♥

I haven’t always been a photographer.

I am an engineer and used to work in a large corporation. Mind you, this is not a sob story: “I hated my job and just had to leave to do something truly creative.”

Working in logistics was both creative and challenging. But then, one Tuesday morning, I watched the entire Audrey Hepburn movie in an open space office. Without being interrupted or asked what the hell I was doing.

I looked around and realized that I didn’t want to spend my life this way.

Luckily, I was already bitten by the photography bug. What started as a hobby, quickly turned into passion (ehm, obsession) and in 2009 into profession.

In summer 2012 I packed my corporate suitcase and walked off to the unknown.

Why I created an online course for parents

Here’s the honest truth. When my kids were born and I started with photography, my images were junk.

But I decided that my engineering soul will not be defeated by crappy images and challenges of motherhood. That I will capture my babygirl’s first smiles, her attempt at crawling and first steps and that I will do so beautifully.

It took me a long time to bridge a gap between my ideas for portraits and what results I was able to produce. I missed pretty much all of my children’s first moments. As a new mum I would have given golden bricks for working step-by-step tutorials how to create great portraits of my baby.

That’s exactly what my How to photograph your baby course is about. No fancy equipment. All you need is a baby and a phone.

Aaah - think no more! You love me already!

About Haavoittuneet enkelit

Haavoittuneet enkelit (Wounded Angels) is a charity that offers free portrait photography services to families with seriously ill children or very prematurely-born infants, and to families with small children, where a parent or both parents have discovered that they are critically ill.

Just like I don’t concentrate on my clients’ profession or wealth, the battle with illness is not the topic of Haavoittuneet enkelit sessions. There is a parent, there is a child and there is love. That’s what I see and photograph.

And that’s also the reason why Haavoittuneet enkelit charity exists.

It has all been quite a ride.

I am located in Espoo, Finland, but my photography business has taken me to Iceland, Estonia, Sweden, the Czech republic, Slovakia, USA, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland and all around Finland.

It enabled me to put my family first in all of my decisions and grow as a person in ways I’ve never dreamt I could.

But most of all, it allows me to bring people joy.

You see, when I did something right in a corporation, people were satisfied. But when I create beautiful portraits showing how someone loves and is loved back, people are happy.

I hope I can make you happy, too.


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