Niki Strbian Photography Belly and Baby

Belly and BabyRaskausajan kuvaus & Vastasyntyneen kuvaus

The belly session is such a special occasion – right there, underneath your skin, is a tiny human being. And while the belly session is primarily about you, when photographing your newborn baby, I concentrate on capturing your and your partner’s pure joy during the fleeting first days.

FAQ Vauvakuvaus & raskausajan kuvaus: Usein kysyttyä

I am not sure if I want belly portraits. What’s your opinion?

Raskausajan kuvaus Helsinki: Whether it’s your first or last pregnancy, there is something special about it. Granted, the special thing might be you feeling horrible for 9 months. It happens, and here’s a hug for you if you are one of the ladies who don’t like being pregnant. But read this – and then decide.

What happens if we don’t like any images in our gallery?

Vauvakuvaus Helsinki: After the shoot it takes about 2 weeks for you to receive your online gallery. If, at this point in the process, you don’t like any of the images and you don’t want to choose any digital files or products to buy, I will refund all your payments. Not that it happens much, but it’s an option. 🙂

Do you have experience with photographing newborn twins?

Vastasyntyneen kuvaus Helsinki: Yes, I have photographed many newborn twins. You can see some examples of those shoots here and here. I have also photographed newborn twins with older siblings who were also twins. Top that one!

How should I get ready for a newborn session?

Vastasyntyneen kuvaus Helsinki: There are matters of heart and there are matters of practical nature. Heart matters: your baby reflects your feelings, read more about that here. Practical issues: how to get your home ready and what to do the morning before your newborn session.  Click here for details.

When should I book a newborn session and what happens if I’m late?

Vauvakuvaus: Best time to book a newborn session is about about 2 months before your due date. This gives you time to still consider a belly session as well as enough time to meet up with me and plan your wishes and ideas. But if you just decided to have the session and you already have a baby in your arms, don’t be afraid to call. Read more.

What if we need to stay in the hospital and we miss the “newborn time” suitable for a shoot?

Vauva valokuvaus Helsinki: I often photograph babies 6-8 weeks old. Though with babies at this age, we can’t really achieve the newborn looking images, there is so much beauty to capture. They already smile on purpose, they keep an eye contact with parents, they grab things, lift heads and even turn! Or we can postpone your session to around 6 months of age – babies are the most Michelin-selves at that point and so cute! We can agree pretty much anything.

Do you photograph births?

Vastasyntyneen kuvaus Espoo: Yes, I have, and it was wonderful and I had tears in my eyes. But even through the tears I still photographed. Check out the birth photo-session blog post. If you want to have your birth documented, get in touch for more information.

When is the best time to photograph a newborn baby?

Vauvakuvaus Espoo: I prefer to photograph babies 1-2 weeks old, but I have and will photograph babies up to 1 month of age and we still achieve beautiful newborn images. To be able to keep the 1-2 weeks window, you should let me know as soon as the baby is born (a.k.a. in the first 24 hours after birth).

How does the whole newborn session look?

Vastasyntyneen kuvaus Helsinki: A newborn session from start to end – this video gives you a quick overview of how the whole on location newborn session happens. Have a look here.

What happens if my newborn pees on your camera?

Vastasyntyneen kuvaus Espoo: This one is really good – and I am not going to spoil it for you. Read it yourself. 🙂