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Boudoir and GlamourHuomenlahjakuvaus & boudoir

There are early mornings or moments when you’re running after your children when you don’t feel exactly sensual. But I see your beauty and I promise you a relaxed and fun session. You, like every woman, have a lioness inside. Let her roar!

FAQ Boudoir kuvaus & huomenlahjakuvaus: Usein kysyttyä

I don’t like myself in photographs.

Boudoir valokuvaus Helsinki: The one sentence I hear most often from my clients is: “Nobody can take a good photo of me.” That’s a lie. And here’s why. And more of my thoughts on this topic.

What type of eyelash extensions I should use?

Huomenlahjakuvaus Helsinki: Read an expert advice from my principal makeup artist and hair stylist Anne Rautio a.k.a. Makeover Anne. She pours her heart out about this subject here.

What happens if I don’t like any images in my gallery?

Boudoir valokuvaus Helsinki: After the shoot it takes about 2 weeks for you to receive your online gallery. If, at this point in the process, you don’t like any of the images and you don’t want to choose any digital files or products to buy, I will refund all your payments. Not that it happens much, but it’s an option. :)

I’ve never used a garter belt. How should I wear it properly?

Huomenlahjakuvaus Helsinki: For all of you ladies who somehow managed to grow up without the essential knowledge of how to wear a garter belt ;), here’s a tutorial.

What should be on my inspiration board?

Boudoir valokuvaus Helsinki: I meet all my clients before the actual shoot. We laugh and get to know each other, exchange quirky details and talk a lot about client’s wishes and ideas. A good support for our discussion is an inspiration board. Learn more about how to make one.

How do I know if you are the right photographer for me?

Huomenlahjakuvaus Espoo: A few years back I wrote a blog post 4 decisions when looking for the right (wedding) photographer. The principles are universal to the portrait photography and you should read it.

5 most important decisions when planning a boudoir shoot

Huomenlahjakuvaus: These are the top 5. Which photographer, price,  location, what to wear and privacy. I speak about each of them in a letter to a friend who finally decided to have a boudoir shoot.

How many outfits do I need? Do I need to shop for underwear?

Huomenlahjakuvaus: I have successfully shot boudoir sessions with one pair of (not matching) underwear and a men’s shirt (on client, I had jeans and t-shirt). However I encourage you to bring as many options as you can. We are likely not going to use them all, but it’s good to have a choice. Accessories (scarf, hat, jewellery), shoes, underwear, nightgowns, shirts of hubby to be and any glamour dress you might own, I want to have it all laid out in front of my eyes. You don’t have to shop at Agent Provocateur, but if you want to, I am not gonna stop you! But the biggest magic happens in your eyes, in the way you position your hands and in the way you touch your thigh.

Can I learn to smile more naturally in images?

Boudoir valokuvaus: Are you ever unhappy about the way you smile in photos? There are three things to avoid and three simple rules how to have the most radiant smile of all. Find out which are which.