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Child and FamilyLapsikuvaus & Perhekuvaus

Have you always worried that your photographer won’t have enough patience for your kids? Because they are too shy – or because they’re too wild? Enter Niki. Let’s get you a fun and active session capturing those special moments that every parent wants to live forever.

FAQ Lapsikuvaus & perhekuvaus: Usein kysyttyä

What happens if we don’t like any images in our gallery?

Perhekuvaus Helsinki: After the shoot it takes about 2 weeks for you to receive your online gallery. If, at this point in the process, you don’t like any of the images and you don’t want to choose any digital files or products to buy, I will refund all your payments. Not that it happens much, but it’s an option. 🙂

What if it rains?

Perhekuvaus Espoo: Always the big question, especially in Finland. What happens if it rains? Are we rescheduling the session? Moving it indoors? Here’s what’s gonna happen.

I don’t like myself in photographs. What now?

Perhekuvaus Helsinki: The one sentence I hear most often from my clients is: “Nobody can take a good photo of me.” That’s a lie. And here’s why.

I am afraid my child won’t cooperate during the shoot.

Perhekuvaus Helsinki: I love working with children and I will love working with your child as well, whether shy or wild. I have gone through Playful Heart photography trainings focused on how to work with children during photosessions. And if it doesn’t work out, I can (and will) come back to take more images on another day (part of the service). Check out how you can help ensure the success of a family photoshoot.

What should we wear? How many outfits?

Perhekuvaus Helsinki: Despite the focus on your feelings, clothes does play a role in what the images look like. Fancy coordinated outfits = fancy styled images. Comfortable daily clothes = relaxed home pictures. You can change as many times as you want during a session, but from experiences small children and husbands won’t go through more than 2-3 outfit changes. 🙂 My only rule is that everyone should wear either dark clothes or light clothes. The actual color doesn’t matter that much. For inspiration check out my What to wear Pinterest boards: family, he, she, girl, boy and stripes.

What if someone gets ill and we have to cancel in the last minute?

Perhekuvaus: In my world, a calendar is a fluid medium and events aren’t fixed until they have happened. Rescheduling is not a problem. Children get ill. Adults get ill. I understand that. 🙂 Just give me a call and we’ll find a new date for you.

Where should we have the session? We don’t know any cool outdoor locations.

Perhekuvaus Espoo: I am 100% sure there is a perfect place near your home that we can use for a photoshoot. We have a huge canvas of my family  in our bedroom and it was taken less then 2m away from our trash-house. I often don’t take the clients further than 50m from their house. If you have a favorite spot (a place where you were proposed to, your favorite walk route or just a piere that makes you feel right about the universe), we can absolutely shoot there. And if you don’t and you want some place fabulous, I have a ton up my sleeve that I am just waiting to use. 🙂

How do I know if you are the right photographer for me?

Perhekuvaus Espoo: A few years back I wrote a blog post 4 decisions when looking for the right (wedding) photographer. The principles are universal to the portrait photography and you should read it.

Is my home suitable for a photoshoot?

Perhekuvaus Helsinki: The short answer – yes, absolutely. But you may still have some lingering doubts, so do read on about the top questions clients always ask me before I visit their home with a camera.