What to expect in your session?

The pregnancy photo shoot is a very special occasion, because right there, underneath your skin, is a tiny human being. And while the belly session is primarily about you, I concentrate on capturing the pure joy of the fleeting first days when photographing your newborn baby.

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I love seeing families together. During a session all I want you to be is be close, playful and having fun. Really - no "cheese" or "where is the camera" allowed. Just be yourselves and destroy those beautiful clothes you bought specifically for your photo shoot by rolling in the mud!

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Both boudoir and glamour sessions are a celebration of your beauty. You might not feel striking early in the morning or when running after your children, but you see, through my magic glasses everyone is beautiful. And what is the difference between boudoir and glamour session?

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About the photographer

I am Niki, a portrait photographer from Espoo, Finland. (In the beautiful Finnish language I am valokuvaaja.) Recently so many people labelled me the baby photographer that I consider printing it on business cards. But truth is that along with newborn bubs, I love kids of any age. And if you think there is no child in you, let's meet up and I will prove you wrong...

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Read the raves!

Thank you for the photos! I love them all! And everybody at our name-giving ceremony loved your photos too.

Sanni J.

I just got back home from holidays yesterday evening and found great shots of my family on your webpage. They are great, thank you!

Sari R.

I just have to tell you once more how happy we are about the pics you took. Most of the times, pictures bring back the time and place in a silent form.
But in the ones you took … I can hear my son giggle, and feel the way he curls up when he is having so much fun he can’t stay still anymore. I look at them and both he and my husband look exactly the way they do in those fleeing moments when I wish I would’ve had a camera in my hand. I can hear my boys in the photos, and that’s not an easy thing to accomplish ♥

Jenni Ruotsi