Hi there and welcome to my virtual home! I am happy you found me and my crew … it makes us feel really special. After all it’s not every day someone as incredible and awesome as you comes to this part of the online jungle. (You may call this butt-climbing, but what it really means is that we like our visitors and appreciate our clients).

valokuvaaja Niki StrbianI am Niki, a portrait photographer located in Espoo, Finland. (In the beautiful Finnish language I am valokuvaaja.) Recently so many people labelled me the baby photographer that I consider printing it on business cards. But truth is that along with newborn bubs, I love kids of any age. And if you think there is no child in you, let’s meet up and I will prove you wrong. (For a little preview you can watch this video to see me working with a family of five.)

Back in 2006 I started snapping pictures of my family because I was afraid of losing those precious moments for good. An innocent hobby quickly turned into a passion, then into an obsession and now it’s been a joyful profession. I do have engineering and project management background and so I occasionally spend an unhealthy amount of time perfecting my business Excel tables.

I define my photography style by these statements:

  • I am on a mission to bring the lioness out of every woman.
  • I want to capture the pure magic that happens when people feel loved.
  • I want all my clients to become my friends. (This is so cliche, but also it is so true. Can’t help it!)

As part of the team you will likely meet my assistants Ireneke and Blanka (a.k.a. the Baby Whisperers) and the gifted stylists Anne, Laura and Maria. (They will make you feel pampered and they can do magic. Really.)


By now, you are probably rather curious about your session… A typical portrait session lasts 1-2 hours. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, be as elegant or as laid back as you like and when in doubt, look for style inspiration on my Pinterest boards – for boys, for girls, for yo-kuvaus, for mothers. (If you are not a Pinterester yet, you will need an invitation. Send me an email and I will invite you in. Clear you calendar though, you will get seriously addicted.)

Maternity session (raskausajan kuvaus) is scheduled at any moment after your belly starts being more prominent than your breasts and can be photographed anytime right up to the last day before your delivery. However the best portrait time are weeks 32-36. Rest assured that we will not judge you if you only want pictures of yourself posing as Demi Moore and none of your newborn baby.

Newborn session (vastasyntyneen kuvaus, vauvakuvaus) is ideally scheduled when your fresh package of joy is 5-8 days old. We have photographed babies younger as well as older, but we feel that 18 days is the latest moment when a newborn baby can be photographed in the same manner as on images in our newborn gallery. Be prepared for a session lasting 3-4 hours directed by the new miniature boss.

Family and child sessions (perhekuvaus, lapsikuvaus) usually last about 2 hours and I want that time to be fun for everyone. That’s why (not only) kids should be fed and rested.

Boudoir sessions (boudoir kuvaus, huomenlahjakuvaus) we treat as a celebration of your womanhood. What usually surprises clients the most is how those sensual and sexy portraits can spring out of such a crazy and laughter-filled creative process. Feeling nervous? But of course you are. It’s not like you daily pose half naked for a photographer you never met before, is it… Read more on boudoir photography on my blog in A Letter to a Friend, Who Finally Decided to Have a Boudoir Shoot.

Yo-kuvaus (the English term “high school senior session” doesn’t really do justice to the white cap) can be short and sweet or we can spend 2 hours changing your outfits on 50 different locations. In either case we shall skip dusty studio portraits and plastic outdoor pics.

Occasionally I announce mini-sessions and other specials – fan our Facebook page to stay up to date.


Before you go, remember. A good portrait captures a good location, a good light and good clothes (or lack thereof). A great portrait captures a connection… Don’t worry, be happy, show up ready to play along and I promise that everything will be just fine…

And now – off you go to book your session!